Reservation Policy

Universal Tentative Reservation and Cancelation Policy: In order for our logistics team to assign a truck to your tentative reservation a $150.00 deposit will be charged to your account at the time of booking. If you cancel this reservation in writing to our e-mail address, prior to a truck being assigned to your reservation, we will reimburse your credit card for the deposit. A tentative reservation locks in the rate BUT Does not guarantee your reservation a vehicle. Once a vehicle can be assigned you will receive an e-mail converting your tentative reservation to a confirmed reservation (note: the e-mail subject line).

A confirmed reservation will have a vehicle number assigned to the rental pick up date. However, confirmed reservations can still be influenced by accident, incidents, mechanical failure and acts of god (i.e. weather). Universal Truck Rental has the right to substitute equipment of any size to fill your confirmed reservation. Renter is 100% financially and operationally responsible to make alternative arrangements, if a reservation can not be honoured for any reason(s).


If you cancel your reservation, while in the tentative reservation status, a $25 cancellation fee will apply. If you cancel your reservation after a truck has been assigned, converting the tentative reservation to a confirmed reservation, your $150 reservation deposit will be forfeited. Reservations cancelled within 72 hours of the reservation date will be treated as “No Shows”. Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing by e-mail.


Renter is 100% financially responsible for the full value of the rental for a “no show” and fees will be charged to the credit card on file.
Cancellations must be submitted in written Monday to Friday 9 Am to 4 Pm Eastern Standard time, if received after hours the e-mail will be considered delivered the next business day.


If Universal Truck Rental can not assign a vehicle, converting the tentative reservation to a confirmed reservation, the client will receive a 100% deposit refund. The traffic Department assigns vehicle(s), converting tentative reservations to confirmed reservations, anywhere from 10 days to 24 hours prior to the rental or up to 4 weeks in advance.


All verbal and or on-line agreements/documents are agreed to be entered into at Universal Truck Rental & Leasing Ltd’s (UTR’s) head office in Kitchener, Ontario. All court issues will be filed with the Kitchener, Ontario small claims court, regardless of the province of origin.

Policy items:

Renter is Financially Responsible for all Cold Start or No Start Issues, Overhead Damage, Windshield Damage, Tire Issues and Incidents. Loss Damage waiver does not apply to damaged caused by off the road use, damage to the interior and damage caused by collision with stationary or overhead objects. Such as driving into your own house, backing into your neighbours parked car or all acts in your care and control.


TRUCK MUST BE RETURNED FULL OF FUEL OR THE RENTER WILL BE FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR A $50 ADMINISTRATION FEE AND ALL FUEL COSTS. ( Note: The Truck is not considered full of fuel if the vehicle can be topped up 5 litres or more per tank)

Truck must remain in Canada. Vehicle cannot enter the USA. There is NO INSURANCE coverage in the USA.

Universal Truck Rental’s inbound & outbound inspection process is the most fair and accurate in the industry. UTR’s system relies on independent third party businesses, acting without prejudice, to complete a visual inspection supported with digital photos uploaded to a public domain called – CLICK HERE TO VIEW PHOTOS

The system is designed to answer the 5 w’s ; “What – was damages”,”Where – did the damage occur – approximate location, city or province”,”When – did the new damage occur – time lines only”,”How – did the vehicle get damaged” and “Who – is financially responsible”.

Once presented with damage most clients want confirmation the inspection and digital pictures are current. Universal Truck Rental independent dealer inspection location(s) are responsible to provide written and visual proof of their inspection. We accept there input as accurate, responsible and timely. Plus the same digital photo(s) are uploaded to creating a time line.

The UTR’s dealer group are independent inspection locations providing Universal Truck Rental, our past, present and future client’s with an accurate historical record of each vehicles physical (damage) condition. If any picture is not necessarily 100% clear or available than UTR relies on the written and verbal inspection report(s) provided by “Any UTR” dealer inspection location(s). Plus past digital photo records and previous dealer inspections. Universal Truck Rental will also take into consideration past, present and future digital inspection photos provided by individuals.

If the renter has visual proof that contradicts the inbound or outbound dealer’s inspection please forward it to Universal Truck Rental immediately. Third party photos do no supersede the dealer inspection(s) they will however be taken into consideration when addressing the 5 W’s.

If there is nothing new to present Universal Truck Rental Accepts the dealer inspection(s) as accurate and will proceed according to the On Line rental agreement terms and conditions.

An administration charge, not to exceed $100.00 will be charged to RENTER/DRIVER(S) in the event of a credit card chargeback that is proved to be valid to the cardholders issuing bank. Plus $15 for each Universal Truck Rental e-mail reply after the first response.